Workshop Facilitation

Project Name

Financial Services Workshop

Feb 2018

Midwest, USA

Type of Project:
Design Thinking Workshop

Workshop Co-Facilitator

Project Goal
Co-facilitate a custom 2-day design thinking workshop involving real end-users.


Note: Due to existing NDA, the name of this company must remain anonymous.

A financial services company hired our team to facilitate a custom two-day design thinking workshop in order to accomplish the following three objectives:

  • educate as much of the company as possible on design thinking methodologies and facilitation techniques
  • refine persona artifacts and collaboratively map the user experience by while working with real end-users
  • gather data and prepare facilitators for upcoming workshopping and roadmapping initiatives

The agenda incorporated the following artifacts and activities:

  • personas
  • empathy mapping
  • journey mapping
  • structured ideation
  • to-be vignettes / storyboarding

Lessons Learned

  • Involving end-users in mapping initiatives enabled teams to avoid overly relying on assumptions or bias.
  • Clearly identifying key personnel for each workshopping activity allowed the organization to use time efficiently, keeping end-users there only as needed, and enabling a community of practice to take more time to learn facilitation without slowing down the workshop activities for everyone else.
  • Allowing two-days for the workshop enabled team members who were more novice to learn the methodology and still allowed enough time for storyboarding and facilitation tips.
  • Some team members may feel tempted to multi-task in order to stay on track if the workshop spans multiple days.