Interaction Design

Project Name

Event-Promoting Social Media

December 2015

Honolulu, HI

Type of Project:
MBA Consulting Practicum + Prototype Creation

Lead Interaction Designer & Consulting Team Member

Project Goal
Conduct market research and identify market gaps and opportunities in order to build a user-centered service and prototype.


Note: Due to existing NDA, the name of this company must remain anonymous.

In a collaboration between the MBA and the Blue Startups incubator programs, my team worked with a startup company for an event-promotion social media platform focused on connecting friends and locals to upcoming events, festivals, and merchant promotions.

Our team was responsible for identifying market gaps, conducting research, and creating a prototype to be used for investor pitch meetings to secure seed funding for the company.

Team Recommendation:
Establish governance for user-generated data, and partner with event organizers, venues, and taxi/ride-share companies by hosting all new event and ticketing information for free (charging a small sales commission).

Hosting events for free would decrease switching costs, create cross-promotion opportunities, leverage credibility of established local organizations, and ultimately attract enough early adopters to reach critical mass.

Lessons Learned

  • Co-creating value by involving key stakeholders early (during research) was a critical step to collaborative solution-building, however, involving potential investors in a more informal capacity could have prevented any potential “grand reveal” surprises.
  • Early research and testing disproved major assumptions and allowed early design refinement.
  • Due to lofty development goals, speed to market was this company’s biggest challenge, and unfortunately, about a year later, Facebook’s event feature dominated the event-announcement space.